Where Donations go

100% of donations will be going to fund cancer research

Dr. Sicklick, Dr. Fanta, and their research teams are devoted to making new discoveries in the cancer field. Running a research laboratory costs approximately $250,000 per year. Philanthropy can accelerate progress by funding part of all of these expenses. 

Donations of all sizes can make a difference

$100 allows the lab to isolate DNA for sequencing 

$1000 funds lab sequencing a person's genome

$2500 funds equipment for tumor cell cultures

$25,000 can help fund a drug library screening for new therapeutics

$50,000 can underwrite a research fellow to work in the lab for one year

$250,000 could double the capacity and progress of the lab for one year

$1,000,000 could create a named endowded fund that would support a research fellow in perpetuity

*This information is not in our words and is directly taken from a document supplied by the UCSD Moores Cancer Center