Our Mission

The origin of JonStrong is quite the tale. It simply started with me (Jeremy) writing Jon Strong on the back of my cleats. The term JonStrong then began to trend on things like caring bridge and as a hashtag on social media. Soon after, a great idea blossomed in my mind, I'm going to have to do a mitzvah project for my bar mitzvah, why not make it meaningful and have it be JonStrong? My hope with this organization is to raise money and awareness about cancer-and more specifically- duodenal adenocarcinoma. My father was diagnosed with duodenal adenocarcinoma in January, a very rare form of cancer and the main culprit for this long 8-month hiatus. The pain my father and our family had to endure is something I hope no one else will ever have to deal with. The money we raise will go directly into research labs to help find the cure.